Implicaciones de la Inspección Educativa en Cataluña en el Proceso de Autonomía de Centros

Catalonia is a benchmark in the autonomy of schools since the approval of the Education Law (LEC) of July 16, 2009. This study analyzes the changes in the functions of the Education Inspection in its relationship and involvement with schools and the direction from the development of the Decree of autonomy of Centers (2010). The interest is focused on investigating the educational inspection as one of the main actors in this process of autonomy. The mixed methodology has combined quantitative and qualitative approaches and considered the region as a case study. The study included the application of a questionnaire with a final sample of 88 inspectors, 12 in-depth interviews and 2 discussion groups of 5 inspectors and 6 directors of educational centers. The quantitative study carries out a descriptive analysis and the qualitative one delves into some data and looks for interpretive processes on the part of those involved in the subject. The results reveal the role of the Inspection in the process of implementation of autonomy in the centers, and as a support to the school directorates. The study affirms that the Inspection must evolve towards a more practical and face-to-face reality, reducing bureaucracy and defining and selecting its tasks and functions.

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