Comprendiendo los factores que afectan la transferencia de la formación permanente del profesorado. Propuestas de mejora

This article deals with the transfer of teacher training at the university.

The results of qualitatively inquiring into the understanding of the factors of the model Holton, Bates and Ruona (2000) and of requesting, from experts, proposals to increase the transference are presented in this article.

3 group interviews (focus group) are carried out in the 3 universities participating in the study on the determination of the factors to evaluate the transfer in the university. In the groups, made up of 21 people with responsibilities in university teacher training, they delved into the quantitative results obtained on the factors that affect the transfer of learning.

The relevance of the factors identified in the questionnaire is confirmed: training design and learning carried out; support of the teacher responsible; predisposition to change; environmental resources; student feedback; institutional recognition; teaching culture of the work team and personal work organization. In addition, experts provide proposals to increase the transfer, confirming and expanding the meaning of the factors that facilitate or hinder it, related to the personal, the related to the training program and the organizational or cultural.

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