The New Institutional Design on Higher Education and Changes in the Scientific Production of Teachers at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador

Imagotipo CRIEDO
Any: 2019

The research is carried out in the context of the reality of the Republic of Ecuador and the quality of higher education and the changes in the scientific production of teachers at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador (PUCE) and its headquarters in the period 2008 are analyzed -2017. The methodology is of quantitative approach of descriptive scope, non-experimental design (longitudinal transverse) and the tool that is used is a survey applied to 513 teachers of the National System of the PUCE. The quality management system implemented by the Evaluation and Accreditation Council of the country has a positive impact on the management of the scientific and academic production of teachers.

The new institutional design in Ecuador: Constitution (2008), organic law of higher education (2010) and the regulation of academic regime promulgated in 2013 means a great boost to the improvement in the quality of the University in Ecuador. Precisely, institutional and career self-assessment models have guided the internal management of institutional quality management processes and promote the consolidation of the research culture of the Ecuadorian University. The institutional life and academic coexistence are no longer the same in the PUCE in particular and the University in general.

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