The factors that affect the desertion of the professional practice in the students of Professional Technical High Schools in Chile

Imagotipo CRIEDO
Any: 2022

The main objective of the doctoral thesis was to know the factors of desertion of the professional practice in students who attend the Technical Professional High School (EMTP), specifically in two establishments in the Metropolitan Region and one in the Araucanía Region, that is why for this reason, the case study was used to carry out this study.

The interest in carrying out this research was given since around 40% of the students who study the EMTP drop out of professional practice, which leads to these students not completing their process to acquire the technical degree at the intermediate level. It should be noted that in Chile, human capital in this area has declined, since students are opting for higher education.

The thesis was carried out under the qualitative method, as previously said using the case study, for which the sample was given by three high schools, two in the Metropolitan Region, one in the Recoleta commune and another in the La Cisterna commune. , and the third establishment located in the Araucanía Region is located in the Carahue commune, encompassing a total of 222 students belonging to the specialties of Industrial Mechanics, Electricity, Assistant in Geology, Automotive Mechanics, Administration and Accounting. As well as the tutors and heads of specialty of each establishment studied.

The results obtained were that the factors that lead to the desertion of the professional practice of EMTP students can be internal and external. Regarding the interns, they are the socioeconomic level of the students since the students who enter the EMTP mostly belong to vulnerable households. Another internal factor is the students' lack of interest in entering this type of education, as well as the lack of a goal for the future. As well as the drug addiction factor in students and their illicit acts to find money to buy narcotics is also presented.

Regarding external factors, there is a distant relationship between the apprentice student and the mentor of the company where the professional practice is being carried out, the lack of time for the tutor to accompany and supervise the apprentice student, to be able to help him in his needs in the company.

Some of the conclusions regarding the results and responding to the objectives of the research show that students drop out of professional practice because it was not a motivation from the beginning to enter the EMTP, but a family choice. The consumption of illicit substances in a personal way, as a family member, leads students to lose their opportunity to enter a company. And finally, the null relationship between the tutors of the high schools with the mentors of the companies where the students carry out their professional practices.

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