Teachers’ Resistance to use ICT. A case study in Primary Education Degree at UAB

Imagotipo CRIEDO
Any: 2014

This research is focused in university teachers and the reason why they don’t usually use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in their classroom as a helping tool in learning-teaching process. Currently, technologies evolve very fast and because of that, it is really important that teachers will consider be constantly training and recycling their knowledge and practices for not becoming a hindrance but a facilitator of learning-teaching process, as Valdés et al said (2012:89) “in educational use of ICT, the most important thing is to know how to take advantage of its characteristics and potentialities, since any of these resources could be a big pedagogical help depending on who and how uses them and depending on whether or not certain rules and principles for using them are established (…)”. This work developed is a case study in Educational Science Faculty of Autonomous University of Barcelona, specifically, focused on professors that in 2013-2014 were teaching to those students who were studying for becoming a Primary Teacher.

So, this research is about a case study developed with a mixed methodology, using various resources for collecting data such as questionnaires, open questions and interviews. After applying these tools and analyzing the data, we were able to identify the most recurrent resistances as well as to build a teacher resistance profile, and to propose some facilitators for palliating those concrete resistances.

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