Per què cal repensar el temps del pati a les escoles?

This article discusses some key dimensions that schools need to develop in their backyard. From a perspective that goes beyond the issues of space, infrastructure and resources of time and materials, we need to delve into aspects such as security, the transitions of recesses, the commitment of the student and the adult, prosocial and antisocial behaviors, and student empowerment. Without sacrificing physical conditions and the organization of spaces and materials that help ensure safety standards, we must also focus on the behaviors, supervision, and personal relationships that are generated there. We can say that all these dimensions need to be rethought as key aspects of the school's educational project and as aspects that need to be considered in the initial training of the future teacher. In short, we need to encourage healthy behaviors from the entire educational community in this space of school hours that can become a key influence in the comprehensive education of our children.

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