Interacciones en el aula desde prácticas pedagógicas efectivas

The objective of the present investigation was to analyze classroom interactions generated from effective pedagogical practices in the fifteenth region of Arica and Parinacota, Chile. Results of a school are shown, which corresponds to the observation of three practices pedagogical considered effective by the directive teachers of the school, based on criteria raised for this selection and group interviews with teachers of the cycle in which they were observed the classes. Field notes and an observation guideline were used with three dimensions, ten subdimensions and thirty-six indicators that was validated for these ines and to carry the observation. The results show a strong weight of the context and of the characteristics of the students in observed pedagogical practices and classroom interactions; the ones in most of them presented high management from the teacher to the students, lack of interaction student-student and high student-knowledge interaction time. Of the dimension pedagogical practice, are observed in the structure of the classes difficulties both in the management of times for the organization of class moments, as in knowledge transformation activities.

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