Fomentando la competencia digital docente en la universidad: Percepción de estudiantes y docentes

This article reports on the project "Interuniversity Proposal for Initial Teacher Training in Digital Technologies". To elaborate it, we propose to know the perception of students and teachers about what needs to address in relation to digital technologies and methodological digital competence, and what institutional actions are preferred to develop digital teaching competence (CDD). In this study, we used a mixed methods research design. The techniques and instruments used have been the analysis of the available documentation, discussion groups and questionnaires. The proposal is aimed at the nine Catalan universities that provide the training of future teachers in the degrees of Teacher of Early Childhood and Primary Education. The main conclusions point to the need to link the university with society, as well as to favor the professional development of university faculty and the digital literacy of its students by promoting collaborative learning and authorship. Also, the importance of prioritizing communication and collaboration during the teaching and learning process is highlighted using useful digital resources that facilitate it. In turn, ethics and digital citizenship are highlighted as an emerging dimension to consider in educational practice. Finally, three institutional actions on CDD are pointed out to contemplate in the university study plans.

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