Evaluation for Improvement: Effects from the perspective of the directors

Imagotipo CRIEDO
Any: 2021

The evaluation of the Educational Centers has been a strategy implemented as a Tool for Improvement. However, few studies have looked at the processes and eventual successes experienced by schools when snow plows fit an Assessment Process. This thesis offers an on the effect of the "Performance Evaluation and Orientation Visits", carried out in Chile by the Agency for the Quality of Education, as a device intended to promote the progress of educational institutions.

The first reports reveal the existence of positive effects on the planning of pedagogical and institutional management, as well as on the motivation and commitment of the educational community; at the same time, however, they grant a lower incidence in the best of educational achievements, learning and internal efficiency achieved a posteriori. Likewise, the Consultadoria directors agree when it comes to demanding greater speed in feedback, effectiveness in monitoring and Periodicity in the monitoring of processes and indicators. From its perspective, the Evaluation has a mobilizing effect, but the super objective of contributing to the best is a limitation due to the lack of support, accompaniment and guidance.

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