Aportaciones de la Inspección educativa catalana en el proceso de autonomía de centros

Catalonia is a point of reference in the whole picture of the autonomy of centers after the approval of the Education Law (LEC) accepted on July 16, 2009. This involved the realization of two fundamental principles on organization and educational management: the Decree of autonomy of educational centers, and the Decree of Management of didactic centers Analyzing this educational and social situation, we observe that all the work and the influence that the Inspection develops is of interest in the process of the autonomy of centers for the improvement of quality in education. It is understood that the Inspection is one of the most responsible in the search for this quality, and in obtaining the improvement of results that equal us, educationally speaking, to the best countries in Europe.

In this new scenario, we want to know from the figure of the Educational Inspection, what contribution is made in this innovative process of the autonomy of centers that we are going through in Catalonia. In order to carry out this study, we relied on a bibliographic review of different expert authors on the subject, of the current educational regulations in Catalonia, and on the application of a methodological framework based on different instruments, such as the questionnaire, the in-depth interview, and the focus group.

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