Muhammad Tayyab Ilyas

Muhammad Tayyab Ilyas

PhD Student in education

After Graduation from the University of Education, Lahore, With a major in Teaching Physics and Math, Tayyab started his career as an elementary school educator in 2013. He radiates his passion for teaching, which curved his career from a teacher to an education manager and an instructional designer to an educational researcher.

Tayyab served four years as an Assistant Education Officer and supported head teachers in implementing ISO 21001:2018 standards. He conducted workshops for teacher development on the Use of SCORM for STEAM Education. He is the founder of PakEdx, with the critical goal of harnessing technology for effective teaching.

Tayyab did M.Sc. in Information Technology from the UOS before initiating MPhil research from the University of Gujrat that found the relationship between the philosophical theories of teachers and their classroom practices. These results guided his PhD research at Universitat Autònoma Barcelona titled "Exploring University Teacher's Pedagogical Digital Competence level and Its Impact on their Teaching Practices". It is a multiple case study research with a Mix Method Research Design.

PhD director: Alejandra Bosco

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