AERA 2024

From April 11 to 14, the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association will be held in the city of Philadelphia (USA).

This event is the world’s largest meeting of education researchers and serves as a platform for innovative and pioneering studies in various areas. With more than 2,500 sessions to choose from, the 2024 Annual Meeting will provide a dynamic experience with opportunities to learn from leading scholars, discover the latest research, engage in stimulating conversations, and build professional relationships.

Georgeta Ion, senior professor and member of CRiEDO, will participate in this new edition, where she will present the conference “Using Research Evidence to Address Diversity in Schools? Insights From Teachers in Catalonia, Poland, and England”. This article examines the involvement of teachers and school leaders in/use of educational practices based on research that support diversity. 534 educators from Catalonia (Spain) (N=343), Poland (N=112) and England (N=79) were surveyed about their perceptions of the costs, benefits and symbolic representation of the use of evidence. research as part of teaching and school development. Findings related to the survey item “I have found useful research evidence to guide the development of new teaching practices” show that teachers in schools where > 45% of students come from different backgrounds, are more likely to use research evidence to make teaching decisions in schools with high levels of linguistic diversity, but less likely in schools with high levels of pupils with special educational needs.

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