Every day in schools there are accidents (minor injuries, falls, structural damage, etc.) and incidents (stealing, fighting, bullying etc.) which could have been avoided with suitable planning and preventive measures. To avoid these situations, which are generally not serious, it is important to apply safety rules rigorously and constantly monitor the school premises and activities taking place.

Safety management is therefore essential, which means that schools need to set up processes for identifying and monitoring the dangers they face. By anticipating these dangers and putting in place protocols designed for each school’s own situation and peculiarities the chances of injury and damage to property can be reduced.

It is vital for school managers to know what is going on in their school in relation to safety issues and preventive measures. This requires developing assessment processes to determine to what extent the school is safe.

The EDURISC research group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has developed the EDURISC Self-Assessment Questionnaire (Q-EDURISC), available online, with exactly this in mind.

Q-EDURISC enables schools to assess their Integral Safety Score (NISI) and reflect on their particular situation, which facilitates decision-making and the deployment of improvement measures.

Download EDURISC Self-evaluation questionnaire (Q-EDURISC)
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