EDO-SERVEIS, composed of a team of people with broad academic and professional knowledge in the field of organisational development, provides support and accompaniment in the implementation of projects linked with organisational development, the management of innovation, integral security in training centres, efficient resource management, treatment of and attention to diversity, inclusion in virtual learning environments, creation and development of communities of professional practice, among others.

Some of the areas in which we provide consultancy services are:

Innovation and change. Support in the implementation of organisational improvement, assisting management to create an environment of trust that facilitates change, and providing tools that encourage all members of the organisation to become involved in the process, collaborating in the definition of strategies and proposals that bring about change focused on personal and institutional development.

Integral security. This line uses a unique instrument in the Latin American context which enables the different factors influencing the security level of training centres to be assessed, putting particular emphasis on those aspects linked to the development of training activities, personal relationships, school bullying or the use of new technologies by young people. Support is provided during the performance of diagnoses of the security in the centre and in the subsequent implementation of strategies of improvement and certification that help to resolve the shortfalls detected.

Knowledge management. For more than 10 years EDO has been working on aspects linked to the creation and management of knowledge in different types of organisations. In this regard, it can collaborate in the design, implementation and follow-up of knowledge management projects that include an intensive use of information and communication technologies. 

Assessment processes. These help to ascertain whether the activities and projects developed in the framework of the training institutions adapt to the real needs for which they were created. In this regard, we provide support by designing self-assessment programmes and by implementing external assessment programmes that enable managers and directors to obtain relevant information for decision-making.

Training audit. Training has become the key aspect to ensuring that organisations remain up-to-date and continue to provide leading services to their users. In this vein, EDO-SERVEIS provides training audit services in which they afford support in the form of diagnosing training needs and defining lines of action that enable, on the one hand, professionals to remain updated and, on the other hand, an improvement in the organisation’s results.

Organisational audit. Focused on certifying the quality of the organisation and management of training institutions or aspects of these (institutional project, functioning of training teams, quality of the curriculum, among others).