Since 1981 EDO has focused its teaching and research activity on the analysis and development of organisations in general and those concerned with education and training in particular. In that time, the group’s members have constantly been involved in research in this area, both by seeking public funding for projects and by meeting specific requests from public and private institutions.

In this section we present the projects that have been funded through public calls for research proposals made by regional governments (MQD, ARAI, ARIE, ARCS, etc.), the Spanish government (I+D+i, Studies and Analysis, PCI, etc.) and the European Union (Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, EU-Asia-link, Erasmus +, Horizon2020, etc.). We also present projects stemming from specific requests by different bodies (Barcelona Provincial Council, Government of Castilla-La Mancha, Mapfre Foundation, PREVENT Foundation, Government of Panamá, etc.).

Lastly, we present the research undertaken on postgraduate programmes and for doctoral theses directed by EDO members within the doctoral programmes of the Department of Applied Pedagogy.

It should be noted that here we present only those projects developed since 2005, when EDO was recognised as a research group by the Generalitat de Catalunya. For information on previous projects, please contact us at this address: