CRiEDO conferences

Centre de Recerca i Estudis pel Desenvolupament Organitzatiu (CRiEDO) annually celebrates the CRiEDO Days at the Faculty of Education Sciences of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. These meetings bring together a wide variety of experts in the field of education and research from all over Catalonia, in order to share their experiences and knowledge in this field. During these days, the CRiEDO award for Innovation and Development of Educational and Training Institutions is also presented.

The first edition was held in November 2022 as the CRiEDO inauguration event. In this first edition, a conference was scheduled on “Leading educational change: key skills for improvement” and a round table that discussed “Educational leadership for change and the role of training”. In 2023, a conference was also organized on the importance of educational research in professional and political decision-making and a round table where several professionals debated evidence-informed educational direction.

TitleMeeting date
II CRiEDO Conference30/11/2023
I CRiEDO Conference10/11/2022