The EDURISC Self-Assessment Questionnaire (Q-EDURISC) is an easy-to-use computer-based tool that provides specific information in relation to different safety issues. By completing it online, school managers can measure the school’s current safety level, enabling them to decide how to reduce existing dangers and prevent new ones. The tool does the following:

1. It offers a diagnosis of the school’s Integral Safety Score (NISI), based on several parameters.
2. It encourages reflection on overall safety issues, namely the dangers within the school, and on ways to tackle these.
3. It enables improvement of preventive and corrective measures.
4. It promotes a culture of safety and risk prevention among the school community, especially the teaching staff and pupils.

Furthermore, the process of completing Q-EDURISC online is itself one of reflection and learning, as feedback is constantly being received. The application has a help file, specific advice for each question and it also gives access to abundant external information and documents.

Unlike other tools, Q-EDURISC provides, in only three hours (consecutively or split into shorter periods), a personalised report that summarises the school’s NISI results and also suggests possible measures to improve the areas that have been identified as problematic.

Q-EDURISC can therefore be seen as a starting point for reflection on the school’s level of integral safety. After considering the general points that are covered, the school community can plan corrective and preventive measures that are adjusted to the way the school operates.

Schools can choose to assess up to thirty-six safety-related areas, categorised into what we consider to be the static and the dynamic dimensions of risk:

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