Scientific meetings

Among CRiEDO’s priorities is to disseminate its members’ research findings. Therefore, as well as its publications and participation in various national and international scientific meetings, it also organises or helps to organise conferences, colloquies, symposiums and so on.

Scientific outreach activities carried out by CRiEDO (and those implemented by EDO before november 2020):

TitleMeeting date
VIII EDO International Conference 202504/06/2025
Final Conference of the D-EMIND project25/09/2024
Annual General Assembly RedAGE 202408/06/2024
III International Congress on Educational Management06/06/2024
General Meeting of RETINDE in Murcia19/04/2024
Coordination meeting of the Orienta4VET project in Leiria11/04/2024
Multiplier event of the Orienta4VET project in Barcelona04/04/2024
First coordination meeting of FUESE project in Panama20/03/2024
II D-EMIND Webinar: entrepreneurship in Higher Education18/03/2024
FIET 202412/03/2024