El CRiEDO – Centre de Recerca i Estudis pel Desenvolupament Organitzatiu

The Center for Research and Studies for Organizational Development of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is an academic institution linked to the analysis and development of organizations in general, and those linked to training and education at all levels and areas in particular.

The purpose of the CRiEDO is to study, research, teach and any other action and activity related to the organizational development of training organizations. More specifically, the general objective of CRiEDO is to provide a service of the highest quality and social commitment aimed at improvement, innovation and development of organizations dedicated to training, based on processes of reflection and scientific analysis, design and implementation of actions aimed at improvement and institutional assessment and diagnosis processes.

The CRiEDO can organize and develop research, training and transfer of knowledge and culture, and offer institutional, administrative and logistical support to the development of other interdisciplinary research, training and transfer activities in any area or institutionalized context where educational practices are developed and training actions.

CRiEDO’s activities, exclusively its own or in collaboration with other entities, can be carried out both inside and outside the UAB campus.

CRiEDO’s constitution report