Valoración del perfil competencial del jefe pedagógico de centros educativos chilenos en contextos vulnerables

The research focuses on the profile of professional competencies of the pedagogical head in Chilean schools located in vulnerable contexts, identifying their specific competencies associated with essential competence domains, contextualized to this type of centers and according to the profile considered by the employer. It is a qualitative investigation of a single case, with mixed methodology and ethnographic design, including the analysis of three official documents by the Committee of Pedagogical Headquarters, a focus group with supporters, as well as three questionnaires to experts on the subject and five meetings of I work with said Committee. The results identify four domains: a) Pedagogical leadership, referring to guiding and promoting the teaching-learning processes of teachers; b) Pedagogical-administrative support, which is related to coordinating, monitoring and supporting teachers; c) Curricular management of learning, which is related to monitoring school processes; and d) Management of innovation projects, associated with directing and organizing innovation projects proposed by teachers. The study provides the identification of sixteen professional competencies according to four domains applicable to vulnerable contexts, which were submitted to validation by supporters and experts from Higher Education. The final profile drawn up is rated Very High and High by the management levels that participated as a pilot sample during its application.

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