Training Transfer Evaluation in the Public Administration of Catalonia: The MEVIT Factors Model

The current research highlights the need to find alternative ways to measure learning transfer by means of diagnosis of barriers and facilitators of training effectiveness (Baldwin & Ford, 1988 [1]; Noe, 1988 [2]; Pineda et al., 2010 [3]; Quesada et al., 2011 [4]). We developed the MEVIT model, a 40 items, 5-point Likert scale questionnaire measurings the factors affecting learning transfer. Our sample consisted of 458 employees of the Public Administration of Catalonia –PAC-. After an exploratory factor analysis, the results showed “motivational elements” as being the most valued factor by participants in training, with an average of 4.49 out of 5 s. The least significant factors are related to the “work context” (3.73), followed by the “elements of control over transfer opportunities” (3.74). The study provides a reliable tool to measure what facilitates and what hinders learning transfer and, therefore, the areas of improvement for an efficient and cost-effective training in the PAC.

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