Prácticas curriculares en la formación universitaria de los futuros profesionales: modelo para la actuación

The contribution presents some of the most highlights derived from the study “Guidance and mentoring in professional practices ”which aims to: analyze and define the nature and meaning of curricular practices and specify a model for the organization and development of practices curricular. The methodology used has considered the analysis of documents, the completion of 343 questionnaires and 27 interviews with institutional managers, academic tutors, tutors of the practice centers and students. The results show that important way, and among other issues, the need to improve coordination between the University and the training centers around the training program of curricular practices. Of the results a proposal for a Practice Model is derived Curricula that tries to focus the intervention objective, the moments, the protagonists and the process. The conclusions highlight the need to raise awareness of the importance personal, professional and institutional practices curricula with the aim of strengthening the links between the training of future professionals and the field of work.

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