Interactions in Effective Pedagogical Practices in the Classroom

Imagotipo CRIEDO
Any: 2019

This research presents the results of the interactions that are generated in the classroom, in three schools in the XV region of Chile. For this, nine effective pedagogical practices were observed, considering the dimensions of pedagogical practice, interactions and environment, divided into ten subdimensions and thirty-six indicators, being validated by practical and theoretical judges and embodied in an observation pattern. In addition, they were complemented with field notes. The main results point to a strong influence of the context and the students’ characteristics. For the most part, the interactions presented high teacher direction towards students, absence of student-student interaction and high time of student-knowledge interaction. From the pedagogical practice dimension, knowledge transformation activities as well as the consideration of quality standards of student performance, high expectations towards the result of learning and high feedback and guidance from teachers are present in the teaching practices located in better categories. A differentiating element of the observed interactions is their consideration in the design of the class by the teacher; that is, in less effective practices the interaction is not part of the class design.

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