El desarrollo del modelo flipped classroom en la universidad: impacto de su implementación desde la voz del estudiantado.

The progress of the digital world has generated a radical change in the way of accessing and transmitting Knowledge. Learning has ceased to be an internal and individual activity to become a collective and network activity. This article describes the results of a quantitative study that aimed to analyze the perceptions and evaluations of students from the University of Lleida in relation to the implementation of the Flipped classroom model. An ad hoc designed questionnaire is applied. Data were collected longitudinally for two academic years, 2015-2016 and 2016 to 2017. The FUE study sample of 259 participants. The Results show that the learning experience and super effectiveness are better, being the most positive results in the older students. Among the conclusions, we highlight that this model generates greater motivation among students, but at the same time higher levels of co-responsibility and commitment in students and teachers.

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