Diseño y validación de un cuestionario de percepción del aprendizaje a través del feedback entre iguales en Educación Superior

Although peer feedback is a strategy usually linked to assessment, with a great impact on the student’s learning and competence development, there are still few experiences in which it is linked to learning, and few contributions are set to analyse its effects. Therefore, this paper presents the design and validation process of a questionnaire to analyse the effects of giving peer feedback on the learning process of university students of Education Sciences. Consistent with the theory of the social construction of knowledge, it is initially structured around four dimensions: cognitive and metacognitive development, social competencies, professional competences, and socio-affective and intrapersonal aspects. The questionnaire was selfadministered to a sample of 425 first-year students of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The results of the analysis lead us to propose a final questionnaire of 20 items and three latent variables with adequate reliability and validity indexes.

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