Case study of the transformation of two educational centers from the application of the project of the artistic field of the CESIRE of the Generalitat de Catalunya: self-planned artistic itineraries.

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Any: 2021

Schools can play an important role in improving the academic performance of boys and girls, and this shows in Art education and its work through this subject can be very important - a useful aspect in this way (Winsler et al., 2019a), as well as facilitating the increase of self-confidence in communication, cognitive skills (Swapp, 2016), and helping in the development of will, creativity and affectivity, among other personality traits (Touriñán López, 2014), to name just a few of the current references.

Unfortunately, and on numerous occasions these set objectives are confronted by the obstacle of having minimal training about these diverse changes and advanced pedagogical, methodological concepts that have taken place in artistic expression (in general) and especially in recent years. These limits their possibilities of encouraging the abilities mentioned above. It is against this background that continuous training programs in Art education for teachers is a support option to better and optimize the education system.

It is in this framework of the situation, that the present work of this research aims to accomplish a study applied to two schools, Joan Miró school in Canovelles and Ferrer i Guàrdia school in Granollers, is explained in such a synthetic way that it is orientated in analysing the ineffectiveness of the continuous training of the life learning model of self-planned Artistic Itineraries promoted through the artistic umbrella of CESIRE, Specific Pedagogical Resource Centre to Support Educational Innovation and Research of the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia that addresses Nursery and Primary school teachers so as to analyse the proposed concepts, pedagogical and didactic contributions that produce these types of proportional learning processes.

Once the required tools for verification have been applied according to the previous comment, and then exploring the transfer of knowledge and results obtained in other learning environments and schools of Catalonia will be fulfilled.

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