Transperformative education: Toward a new educational paradigm based on transdisciplinarity educational paradigm based on transdisciplinarity and artistic performativity

The study we are presenting in this article is based on an analysis of the critical observations of the state of the art of the prevailing educational systems today through evaluations by institutions like the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development and the logical demand for reform that they call for. As a consequence, we posit an approach to the construction of an educational paradigm based on performative education that draws from performance art, transdisciplinary methodology, and a survey of the specialized literature that frames the epistemological and methodological field of education in complex, ever-changing settings. The methodology used is a heuristic comparison in a pedagogical sense that, based on our analysis of state of the art publications from the educational system, outlines the transfer of the characteristics of performance art and transdisciplinary methodology to the model we call Transperformative Education. As a result of this model, we came up with a proposal for a deep-seated paradigmatic shift that entails everything from the modification of institutional educational policies to the ways of teaching and learning, including, of course, a major challenge: a shift in the direction of educational research.

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