Pedagogia de la mort. Percepcions i necessitats formatives que té el professorat d’escoles i els aprenents de mestre pel que fa a la pedagogia preventiva sobre la mort.

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Any: 2018

This thesis tries to address the explanation as to how the design, organization and staging of a preventive pedagogy about death at school is a challenge and at the same time a need for 21st-century school. In this sense, the subject that deals with us from four disciplines is addressed: philosophy, sociology, pedagogy and psychopedagogy. The thesis gives an overwiew of preventative pedagogy about death: from its philosophical beginnings, going through different cultural conceptions to its understanding and work from pedagogy and psychology.
In the society of the 21st century, great changes are at high speeds. Because of that it is necessary for teachers to renew and innovate their educational practices. However, this is not a reason to forget several aspects linked to the pedagogy of death.
One of the main reasons the emotional culture for the educational normalization of the concept of death. The thesis confirm the need and the importance of the training of teachers in preventive pedagogy about death. If normalizing death as part of life, as well as the various emotional reactions it entails, many illnesses of a psychological nature will probably be avoided. For this reason, this thesis provides different fundamentals that encourage rethinking and reflecting on the aforementioned pedagogy in schools, since it is virtually nonexistent, although it is of vital importance.
The thesis includes the carrying out of 12 interviews with professionals of recognized prestige within their field of knowledge. In addition, an evaluation of the educational needs and perceptions of the 4th grade students in Primary Education of the University of Lleida and the active teachers of the public schools of Lleida was carried out. At the same time, a documentary analysis of didactic proposals and pedagogical programs in Open Access on preventive death pedagogy was carried out. To finish, a set of tools and strategies is provided to design a preventive pedagogical program on death at school. Through these notions, it is intended to define and accept death from school prior to the tragic event.

In this thesis, a series of conclusions are drawn on the case study carried out in the city of Lleida, among which the few training carried out by teachers active in preventive death pedagogy, as well as The little educational offer that is offered at the university theme. At the same time, the willingness of part of the teaching staff as well as of the undergraduate students stands out, who affirms the necessity of putting in practice a preventive pedagogy about the death in the school, although this is the great social taboo and educative of the 21st century.

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