Do teaching innovation projects make a difference? Assessing the impact of small-scale funding

This article presents the outcomes of a research study carried out during 2015–2016 at the University of Valencia (Spain) to understand the factors influencing the impact of small-scale innovation funding on teachers’ practices, the learning culture of the teaching team and the satisfaction of students’ learning. The research used a mixed-method design: a questionnaire examined the factors influencing transfer of innovation; in-depth interviews with project leaders yielded information about the adoption and transfer of funded projects; and a focus group with institutional managers provided suggestions to improve the efficiency of the innovation projects and calls. The results provide qualitative and quantitative evidence of the capacity of the scheme to deliver outcomes that enhance the teaching practices of the funded teams. The design of the innovation project, the innovation culture of the teaching team and the context of the implementation appear as factors that have a positive impact on the transfer, adoption and sustainability of an innovation.

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