Collaborative strategies in the classroom and between teachers: Case Study of a Chilean Public University in a border context

Imagotipo CRIEDO
Any: 2022

The objective of this research work was to analyze the strategies for collaborative work in the subject of pedagogical practice in a public university in a border context. This is a study with a qualitative approach with a Case Study design. The technique of discursive analysis and interpretation was chosen, from which categories were extracted. The information collection instruments were the semi-structured interview and the focus groups, which were applied to university authorities linked to the educational processes of practices, Heads of the Pedagogy Career, teachers and students. The main results indicate that the collaborative work that takes place at the University and in the practice subject is scarce. However, it stands out for its cultural particularity, given its geographical border and cultural location, which leads to having a Vision with a regionalist and multicultural stamp in the training of future teachers. Finally, proposals are made through a comprehensive collaborative model from the didactic perspective in the classroom as well as among teachers, considering the multicultural context and based on the respective bibliographic review with the purpose of providing a guiding guide for the implementation of collaborative work in the university educational field.

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