Part of the Orienta4VET team presents PR1: Interactive Guide at prestigious international conference

Part of the Orienta4VET project team participated in the 9th Stockholm International Conference of Research on Vocational Education and Training, held from May 14-16, 2024, in Sweden. During the event, Marisol Galdames and Vivian Harberts presented the paper titled “Dropout in Vocational Education and Training: Risk Factors and Guidance Measures to Avoid It. A Comparative Study of the Countries Germany, Portugal, and Spain.”

The presented paper addresses the risk factors and guidance measures to avoid dropout in vocational education and training, comparing the experiences of Germany, Portugal, and Spain. This study is a significant contribution to the field and reflects Orienta4VET’s commitment to improving educational systems and reducing dropout rates in vocational training.

All the information on the project’s official website.

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