Managers as leaders and promoters of educational improvements

On June 14 at 5:00 p.m., the professor and director of CRiEDO, Joaquín Gairín, will give an online conference at the V International Education Summit 2024 Piedrasanta, titled “Managers as leaders and promoters of educational improvements.”

Managers are recognized as an essential factor, along with the quality of the teaching team, in the academic performance of students and in the continuous improvement of education. They are valued for their influence on the effective functioning of educational centers, promoting innovative projects, fostering positive relationships and providing stability to the institutional project.

Despite its importance, the nature of managerial work and its relationship with pedagogical leadership continues to be the subject of debate, as well as the identification of the most appropriate leadership models for the various educational realities.

The V International Education Summit 2024 Piedrasanta is a meeting forum for national and international teachers and exhibitors who seek educational innovation in response to current needs. During the Summit, topics will be addressed that will lead us to the fundamental question: How can we prepare our students to succeed in an ever-changing world?

Discover how you can be part of the change in education. Your participation is essential to build a bright future for your students and for society in general. We hope to have your attendance at this event that will make a difference in the training of the next generations!

To join this rich discussion and gain deeper insight into these topics, you can follow the conference for free here.


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