Enroll in the Diploma of Specialization in Teachers’ Digital Competence

The registration period for the Diploma of Specialization in Teachers’ Digital Competence is open.

Do you like digital technologies? Do you want to learn how to apply them to improve your students’ learning? If you answered yes, this is the postgraduate program you are looking for.

If you have a diploma, degree or license professionally linked to the field of education (formal or non-formal), and you want to improve your skills in the application of digital technologies in learning, this is your program.

This will give you the tools to design universal learning environments incorporating digital technologies, as well as the elements of analysis and reflection to be able to promote the integration of these technologies in both the organizational and didactic spheres.

The program has professors with a wide track record of research and professional experience linked to digital technologies, and upon completion you will obtain a degree awarded by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, one of the best European universities according to the main international rankings.

All complete information here.

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