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Now available the new issue of the International Journal of Educational Leadership and Management, the editor of which is Dr. Mireia Tintoré member of the ODE-UIC. 

In the latest issue of IJELM suggest that, in order to get good results, leadership education should be both instructional, processing and distribution. This new edition expands IJELM some of these concepts, especially the last two, and expands the context in which leadership takes place: from the top to the middle and bottom of organizations.

Two of the articles in this new edition of IJELM are related to distributed leadership and the development of professional learning communities in schools. Another article delves into the world of transformational leadership offers a new perspective of this type of leadership, transformational perspective. In a similar sense, the last article develops the dialogic nature of transformational leadership, a concept that is both new and old, that we may hear a lot now.

With each new article, it becomes clear that leadership is not a position, a person is not a leader because he or she has been appointed to the top of an organization, but because she (or he) has been serving the needs others. Leadership is something that the fans give some other people on a daily basis and it's something that can be found everywhere in the organization and not just right at the top.

All items share the extraordinary leadership potential to change the lives of people (children, parents, teachers, principals, deans) and, finally, to transform the world. This may be the thread that runs through all this new edition IJELM.

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