New D-EMIND coordination meeting

From March 11 to 13, the fourth coordination meeting of the European D-EMIND project was held in Diepenbeek (Belgium).

This fourth meeting has served to consolidate the social relationship between the members of the project and to monitor the lines of work, adjust the calendar and agree on aspects related to its daily management. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the College of Northern Denmark University (Denmark), UC Limburg (Belgium), Hochschule Dusseldorf (Germany) and the Csongrad County Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Hungary).

The “D-EMIND-Promoting digital entrepreneurial mindsets in Higher Education” project, financed under the Erasmus + program (Ref.: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000032185) and coordinated by David Rodríguez-Gómez, aims to follow advanced in the activities developed within the framework of the ForEMlink project. It aims to promote higher education institutions to design, develop and test a methodology, based on online challenges to promote an entrepreneurial mindset in higher education, for which different learning strategies and tools will be designed. To achieve this goal, four results have been planned, which are related to each other:

  • Methodology and self-assessment tool: the outcome of this project will focus on further development of the digital sphere of the ATOM Model which fosters an entrepreneurial mindset (creativity, critical thinking, problem solving) among students in environments in line. In addition, a self-assessment tool will be created to measure creativity and entrepreneurial culture among students.
  • D-EMIND Toolbox and Platform: a digital repository with open resources to promote the entrepreneurial mindset. An intranet will be created to facilitate interactions between students, faculty, mentors and external organizations.
  • Training Pack: The training of students, teachers and mentors is a fundamental part of encouraging the use of the online platform and the developed entrepreneurial methodology. This result will contribute to developing the capacity of teachers, students and mentors to implement the D-EMIND methodology autonomously.
  • D-EMIND MOOCs: the consortium will develop three open courses for students, teachers and mentors. The MOOCS for students and teachers will be structured in 6 main units, one for each component of the Atom Model. An additional mentoring-focused MOOC will also be developed for faculty, experienced entrepreneurial prisoners, or any other interested key players who wish to feed back their own entrepreneurial or expert experiences through productive mentor-mentee dialogues.

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