CRiEDO award

The Research and Studies Center for Organizational Development annually promotes the Award for Innovation and Development of Educational and Training Institutions. The main objective of this distinction is to recognize the remarkable contribution of educational centers and the professionals who carry out their work, while promoting innovation and continuous improvement within our educational and training environments.

The conception of this award is focused on the identification and evaluation of projects and individual, collective or institutional trajectories that stand out in an exceptional way in this field. With this award, it is intended to recognize individual or collective initiatives and trajectories, as well as their outstanding involvement in innovation, improvement and development of educational and training institutions. It also aims to value and give visibility to the efforts, dedication and work done by the institutions dedicated to education and training, as well as to the professionals who exercise their activity there. Finally, it seeks to stimulate and promote innovation, improvement and continued development of educational and training institutions.

Candidates for the CRiEDO Award go through an exhaustive evaluation by a jury of experts, made up of prominent professionals in various fields. We value not only the originality of the proposal, but also its applicability, scalability and potential to generate a lasting impact. Through the annual CRiEDO Award ceremony, we aspire to inspire others to follow the path of innovation and to work collaboratively to address current and future challenges. Through this recognition, we reaffirm the importance of fostering creativity and problem solving in our educational and training community.

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