Coordination Meeting of ACCEDES Project in Paraguay


On July 5 to 7,  a coordination meeting of ACCEDES Project will be held in Asuncion, Paraguay which will be coordinated by  University of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción in Paraguay.

The coordination meeting of ACCEDES "Access and academic success of vulnerable groups in hazardous environments in Latin America" (DCI-ALA/2011/232) should serve to realize the indicators that help describe the vulnerability of the groups who are the focus of attention of the project. The researchers must identify indicators related to poverty and social exclusion (external ones) and other related internal factors.

The identification of indicators of poverty and exclusion in the Latin America of Caribbean region should be a base for further development of instrument for identifying  those groups most likely to be at the focus of the project, while it will be the basic tool for its characterization and for obtaining key information for the development and design of subsequent actions.

To be consistent with the context within which it is sought to define the indicators (Southern Region), members of Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, together with collaborators from Brazil, and the support of Costa Rica, Spain, Mexico and Italy, will participate in this meeting.

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