Conclusion of a Master’s Degree in Chile.


The first Edition of a Master’s Degree in Training and University Management, directed by EDO-UAB and developed in Arica (Chile), has concluded.

The week of December 8th it was presented in Arica (Chile) the final thesis of the first edition of Training and University Management Master’s Degree which EDO-Serveis has imparted for tertiary education teachers from Universidad de Tarapacá. In this way, it concludes a corporate program for teaching that has included 3 editions of the postgraduate studies “Training University Teachers”. 

The postgraduate study of Training University Teachers was born because of the need that Universities have for guarantying an excellence teaching for their students. Therefore, these studies allow to professionals of higher education to achieve all kinds of competences directed to improve their performance as a teacher by optimizing planning processes, updating methodologies, improving cooperative learning and introduction research for progressing their teaching strategies.
In case of Master’s Degree in Training and University Management, these are studies that last 9 months and allow, to those who are interested in higher education, to analyze current tendencies in organizing university teaching, to develop competences related to planning and developing academic evaluation; and to promote exchange of experiences connected to institutional development.

These training programs has been given to academics from Tarapacá University as a continuity from previously mention postgraduate studies Training University Teachers , which have had 68 graduates. In case of graduates from Master’s Degree in Training and University Management, it have been 25 professionals that come from various Faculties where they develop their tasks, specifically in Arica and Iquique seats, in Great North of Chile.

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