Final Conference of the D-EMIND project: Fostering the digital entrepreneurial mentality in higher education

The final conference of the project “D-EMIND: Fostering the digital entrepreneurial mentality in higher education” will take place on September 25. This event will be held in the Csongrád Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the city of Szeged, Hungary.

The main objectives of the project, which will be presented during these days, are the following:

  • Develop and promote a trans-European platform for challenge-based learning, innovation and collaboration between students and teachers.
  • Facilitate real-world challenges, in which students, as part of their formal education, collaborate with external organizations to solve concrete problems.
  • Combine challenge-based learning with entrepreneurship education, thus taking these two areas to the next level.
  • Prepare students for a global working life, overcoming physical and digital borders and increasing their ability to work on a European/international scale.
  • Strengthen the links between higher education institutions and other organizations, such as companies, public administrations and NGOs, to co-create projects that promote entrepreneurship.

Whether you are a teacher, student or entrepreneur, we invite you to participate in this event. Register for free to ensure your place, either in person or online. An international team of experts will offer you practical knowledge and we will share experiences on challenge-based learning and the development of entrepreneurial skills.

All the information here.

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