La experiencia de una red de apoyo a la gestión educativa en el contexto iberoamericano

Educational organizations concerned with providing adequate and quick responses to the complex and changing demands of their environments are increasingly inclined to establish alliances with other institutions in order to collaborate in the development of common policies and strategies that are broad enough and adjusted to their own realities. Networking, based on real cooperation and a deep and sincere dialogue, serves that purpose and becomes an excellent tool for improving society through better educational organisations. This paper focuses on the Network of Support for Educational Management (RedAGE), which exemplifies an interesting experience in the Iberoamerican context. This experience is the result of a previous inter-institutional cooperation project that started ten years ago. Currently, the field of action of the RedAGE Network cover a wide range of initiatives like the support of educational centres management, academic exchanges, educational management training programs and the implementation of different research studies. The accumulated experience until now has enabled the creation and management of a collective knowledge of great value on educational institutions management, thanks to the consensus, synergies and complicities that sustain a relationship of mutual trust.

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