Impacto de las políticas de género en el desarrollo académico de las profesoras universitarias. Obstáculos que persisten y factores de éxito.

Despite the gender policies promoted in universities in recent times, the results of the research continue to be disheartening in relation to the academic career of women in the university. One of the main reasons is the temporal coincidence with the new neoliberal university management system (New Public Management) and with the austerity adopted as a result of the supervening economic crisis.

Obstacles persist such as: stereotypes, the syndrome of "newcomers" to power, conformism, false meritocracy, informal networks of eminently male power and the illusion of equality already achieved.

Mentoring and professional cooperation networks are revealed as success factors. The model of the three R's from Misra et al. (2017) is presented as adequate to enhance these factors in the immediate future of universities in order to achieve gender equality.

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