Hacia un modelo educativo de calidad y transformador

Any: 2017
Editorial: Santillana

'Towards an educational model of quality and transformation', by Mario Martín Bris and Eladio Sebastián Herrero. In order to be able to determine that an educational model is of quality and transformer, the contribution of many elements, such as the contributions of international organizations like UN, UNESCO, OECD, OEI, etc., is always necessary. For the same reason, the guidelines of the governments of each country, the actions of the different educational, national, regional and local administrations, are other keys to the adequate and sustainable development of education in the countries.
All these decisions, internal, decentralized and autonomous are drawing a model of the educational offer that can be modelled with the new psycho-pedagogical proposals, taking advantage of the technology to the service of the educational practice and betting on the critical thought in the educative programs and by one Teacher training at all levels.

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