Actitudes hacia la validación de aprendizajes previos y su inclusión en el sistema universitario boliviano

This study analyzes the attitudes of university institutions in La Paz, Bolivia towards validation processes of previous learning (VAP) and the experiences that have already been developed. Fishbein and Azjen's theory on attitudes allows us to analyze the factors to include non-traditional populations in professionalizing itineraries. A survey was applied to identify candidate careers for VAP and a questionnaire to identify attitudes of the actors linked to these processes. The results show balance in favour and against attitudes, presenting the most relevant differences in technical careers and some in social and human sciences such as Communication and Psychopedagogy. It is concluded that accepting these processes could facilitate universities to open spaces to democratize higher education, recognizing the empirical experience of non-formal and informal learning, impacting social development by promoting lifelong learning and the professionalization of human resources at increasingly higher levels.

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